About Me

Jim Christian

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I work closely with people to help them better understand and become confident with technology. I've worked with number of companies, schools and private clients all over the spectrum building workflows, establishing user journeys and integrating systems to save time and empower users. I bring a set of skills, experience and care that enables others to gain a telling competitive advantage.

No matter whom I work with, I apply the same ethics, care and dedication no matter the size of your business.

Since 2014 I have written two published works on Minecraft and coding and am working on my first children's book. I also co-run Fire Tech Camp Australia, where we're bringing tech skills to kids down under to teach them essential 21st century skills.

I’m a charter member of the British Computing Society, the Society of Authors and hold various certifications from Apple, Google, and the EC Council. I am available for talks, professional development and inservice - please see the contact form for details.



Latest Book: How To Think Like a Coder (Without Even Trying)

Coming to book shops around the world this October. 

Too intimidated by a world of programming and computer code? You won’t be after reading this back-to-basics guide on thinking like a coder!

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Looking for Minecraft stuff?

Check out my new site, Papa Makes for Minecraft and more fun tech stuff!